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Created by the expertise and know-how we have gained in aluminum, steel and stainless steel joinery systems since 1993, Xception Doors has been designed to open its doors to maximum performance and utmost quality for demanding markets. Xception Doors are proudly manufactured in our own integrated plant, thoroughly from steel to aluminum and raw material to finished product, in order to offer you superior elegance, comfort and security bundled with uncompromised characteristics.


Xception Doors has been created by the expertise and know-how gained over the years plus the innovative approach by the intensive R&D efforts to meet your expectations of stylistic aesthetics along with energy efficiency, water tightness, air tightness and strength against impacts and high temperature. The extraordinary careful work of the specialist designers and the designs created as a result of long evaluations make the Xception Doors Collection really exceptional and over the standards.

Along with the Xception Doors Collection, offered in four main groups, our design studio provides custom model designs specially created for special requirements to submit to the manufacturing plant upon approval from customer. All doors are transferred to the manufacturing plant only after customer approval of the manufacturing drawings.

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Welcome to "Xception Doors"

Exceptional Gems

Gemstones are hidden treasures of the World offered us by the nature. Each gemstone is created by a different combination of elements and presents unique features, which has given us the inspiration to create the AI Collection. The fascinating treasures of the nature is reinterpreted in our designs.

ai collection

Exceptional Forests

Each forest on the earth has a special spirit that reflects a unique feeling which makes it exceptional and distinctive. This is the intrinsic reality that inspired us to create our Designer Collection. Taking the characteristic design in the nature as sample, we have regenerated the unique spirit of forests.

designer collection

Exceptional Stars

Each star has its own story. Out of the countless stars floating in the sky, no one is the same with another; but they have a common feature: they all have an attractive light. The fascinating nature of the stars inspired us to create The Steel Collection. So, we entrusted the exceptional spirit of stars that carry their lights to furthermost distances.

steel collection

Exceptional Places

Each single piece of land shaped on the face of the earth is quite a sight with its extraordinary features. This is the why we call them as works of art that reflects the power of time. The natural structures in different parts of the world were our source of inspiration in creating The Architectural Collection. Our motivation was to bring those glamorous structures to your home range.

architectural collection

Driven By Quality

Quality & Compact Design

Our AI COLLECTION was engineered from the ground up using custom-designed profiles to provide superior strength and performance. Assembled with the highest quality steel and aluminum, this door will stand the test of time.

Combats Condensation and Frost

NFRC-Certified products are independently tested, certified, and labeled to help you make the best purchase decision for your needs. The Thermal Barrier insulates the frame, keeping the cold out and the heat in

Advanced Thermal Barrier Technology

Metal doors have a reputation for poor thermal performance, leading to increased energy costs for your home, or even frost on the inside of your door in cold climates

Standard 3-Point Lock For All Doors

3-point lock system

• Secures the door in three locations along the jamb
• Tighter seals, even for large doors, which improves energy efficiency
• Provides superior protection against break-in’s
• Improved protection against inclement weather

Xception’s 3-point lock systems features:

• Powerful, key driven technology
• 100% machine-cut hardware
• A 5-year guarantee

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