About Us

Created by the expertise and know-how we have gained in aluminium, steel, stainless steel joinery systems since 1993, Xception Doors has been designed to open the doors of the maximum performance and utmost quality to your lifes. Xception Doors are manufactured in our own integrated plant thoroughly from steel to aluminium from the single point to the end in order to offer you comfort, security and quality


Xception Doors has been created by the expertise and know-how gained over the years plus the innovative approach by the intensive R&D efforts to meet your expectations of stylistic aesthetics along with energy efficiency, water tightness, air tightness and strength against impacts and high temperature. The extraordinary careful work of the specialist designers and the designs created as a result of long evaluations make the Xception Doors Collection really exceptional and over the standards. 

Along with the Xception Doors Collection, offered in four main groups, our design studio provides custom model designs specially created for special requirements to submit to the manufacturing plant upon approval from customer. All doors are transferred to the manufacturing plant only after customer approval of the manufacturing drawings.


Xception Doors are offered not only to please you with their aesthetical design but also with their quality performance to serve as the most exceptional doors to open to your future lives.

For this purpose, we comply with the highest quality standards in the manufacturing stage in our integrated plant equipped with state-of-art machinery. From steel to aluminium, from painting to packaging all phases of manufacturing are handled in our own lines under supervision by specialized personnel.

Quality Assurance & Logistics

All Xception Doors are gone through a strict quality assurance test in our own test centres and also in independent accredited test centres before launched for your benefit.

Another area that we consider as important as design work, raw material selection and manufacturing quality is the quality assurance procedures as per world standards and taking all our products through a control process accordingly before delivering. Therefore, every single step in the manufacturing process is carefully checked as per quality assurance procedures. The Xception Doors that are manufactured are packed for international shipment and send to the USA mainly and also to numerous parts of the world.